Amphibia Evo Bag – Evolutionary?

by / Thursday, 20 November 2014 / Published in sport

Evo BagsThe second product we launched was the Amphibia Evo Bag.  The name ‘Evo’ came from the term ‘evolution’ which is what we wanted the Evo Bag to represent in terms of sports bag design. The materials used, colours, features and quality were all intended to provide a really functional sports bag. We launched the bag officially on Dragons Den on Tour (RTE) with some of the Leinster Rugby team which was fantastic for the brand (check out the video here ).  In a strange way the development of the Evo Bag also epitomises the evolution of the Amphibia brand, for a number of reasons.

The initial idea for the bag was due to feedback from friends, athletes and retailers who loved the core features of the XBag but saw potential for a smaller bag, more for everyday use, for those who didnt have as much gear to transport. So the idea was from others we just ran with it and developed what we thought was a really cool looking bag, perfect as a swim bag, gym bag and everyday leisure bag.  Similarly many of the ideas for Amphibia products have come from others, frustrated with what is available or not available on the market and looking for alternatives. So really we have to admit that much of our product development plan is to steal other people’s ideas and turn them into reality – sure isn’t it the best form of flattery!

Just like the brand and other products we have launched we didn’t get the Evo Bag right first time.  We had numerous samples and product designs before we got a design we were happy with, this took over 1 year to get to market, similar to the original XBag.  Even when we launched and ordered our first batch of bags we were still finding some issues with product reliability, durability and overall quality – an ongoing struggle we have had with all of our products.  Unfortunately when you cant produce products yourself (due to availability of local materials, skills etc) you rely on others and are often let down. For some products we have used numerous factories for manufacture and still aren’t happy, the search for reliable production partners continues.  As the name suggests the Evo Bag has gone through many evolutions itself, and the bag design has continued to be updated and improved since its launch.  To begin we launched retro brown and sporty red versions, which went down a storm and this year we launched a new blue with green trim version which has also been hugely popular.

Amphibia Evo Bag

Amphibia Evo Bag

Finally the Evo Bag represents the Amphibia brand due to its functionality and the fact that it makes sporting participation easier.  The original bag came with a changing mat and a fully waterproof pocket, so you could put your wet/dirty/sweaty gear in there and it wouldn’t leak into the rest of your bag.  The bag was also the perfect size for transporting, fitting in lockers, aeroplane luggage etc. The zip opens right up so you can organise your gear, there are lots of pockets for everything you need and the materials used to make the bag are really premium. You can see more details, visuals and a video of the bag here and it makes the Evo Bag what we think to be the perfect swim bag, gym bag and everyday training bag. Once again the bag has received fantastic reviews in specialist sports magazines

The bag continues to evolve however, so look out for new modifications and colour varieties in the future and if you think there is anything else that should be included just let us know, we would be only too happy to bring your ideas to life and you might even get a free bag out of it!  🙂

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