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We are always pleasantly surprised by the positive reviews that we get.  Dont get me wrong we know our gear is great but sometimes you cant be sure how others will react to it, especially when we are competing against large multi-nationals who keep their costs low buying in massive quantities and can afford massive R&D budgets. Therefore when we get a positive review it always gives us a real sense of pride, as we dont pay for reviews and dont agree to advertise on the back of it – we simply send reviewers a free sample, they get to use the product during racing / training and give their honest opinion.

Our core market is triathlon and our products will be seen widely across triathlon races in UK and Ireland (and further afield) but our gear is also widely used for open water swimming, adventure races, obstacle course racing, trail running, mountain biking and watersports. Much of our gear is also now used in more mainstream sports as well, so its always great to see positive reviews coming back from a variety of sources.

When we first launched our XBag it was the first ‘messenger bag’ type multisports bag so it was with some trepidation that we shared it with reviewers! However it was received very positively across the board, gaining numerous awards and commendations. We have continued to update and upgrade the XBag, with it receiving much acclaim – most recently OCR Europe calling it the perfect bag for OCR and adventure races [review here].

Magazine Reviews

Magazine Reviews

Our Evo Bag was also very well received in UK Triathlon magazines, gaining 18 out of 20 score.

Evo Bag Reviews


Since then our Ring Protectors received much acclaim on one of the most popular worldwide swimming blogs here.  It also placed second in a WOWSA poll of useful products.

Product of the Year runner up 2014 WOWSA

Product of the Year runner up 2014

Our Dry Mat was highly commended in the IDI awards and has also since been very positively reviewed by a number of sources, most recently by OCR Europe here – calling it a ‘game changer’!

Review of the Dry Mat

Review of the Dry Mat

One of our latest products – our multi-functional backpack has also recently received positive reviews in Outsider Magazine and Triathlon 220.  It has been awarded ‘Best Buy’ in UK Triathlon 220’s January 2016 edition.

Triathlon 220 Review

Triathlon 220 Review

Here at Amphibia we dont like to blow our own trumpet but we love it when others do 🙂 We wonder how many athletes in a wide range of sports will find Amphibia products are perfect for their needs! From our beginning in UK Triathlon, Amphibia has grown to a worldwide brand for numerous outdoor endurance sports and we plan to continue expanding and diversifying, providing evolutionary products that help athletes achieve their goals.

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