Marathon Race Day – I turned up on the morning of the race confident and injury free and delighted to see a lot of Amphibia sports gear being used including our gear bags and scarves  I began the race with the 3hr pace runner but from the outset the pace felt a little slow so

It’s not easy to run a marathon, only about 0.5% of the populations of Western countries have completed one, but it’s exactly why hundreds of thousands of people around the globe set themselves the challenge each year.  Sub 3hrs is the Holy Grail for marathon runners, at least the quicker ones! Dont get me wrong

Pritch Doing the Double!

Friday, 19 December 2014 by

To cut a long story short, back in 2006 after quite a few years of hardcore partying and traveling the world filming Dirty Sanchez i took one look at myself and realised i had to do something with myself quick as i was bloated with alcohol, looked yellow and generally looked a state. Don’t get

Amphibia Evo Bag – Evolutionary?

Thursday, 20 November 2014 by

The second product we launched was the Amphibia Evo Bag.  The name ‘Evo’ came from the term ‘evolution’ which is what we wanted the Evo Bag to represent in terms of sports bag design. The materials used, colours, features and quality were all intended to provide a really functional sports bag. We launched the bag

The original Amphibia product was the Amphibia XBag, originally launched 4 years ago now! Since then the XBag has undergone a number of revisions to improve the quality and function of the bag, but the underlying concept remains the same – a really functional bag for triathlon, watersports and extreme sports! Indeed the XBag has

New Amphibia Products!!

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 by

We have just launched our latest products – a 100% waterproof pouch to keep your phone or car keys safe during swimming, watersports, cycling etc… and a premium race belt with gel loops and number toggles. Amphibia’s aim has always been to launch smart, functional sports gear at an affordable price that really helps you

After a tough winter consisting of many long hours on the turbo and some good cross country racing, the season began pretty early with the Sportsman Duathlon in Dundalk at the start of February and the Naas Duathlon the following week. Both races went well, not just because I won, but I was also encouraged

The ‘Dry Mat’ is yet another unique product from Amphibia Sport – an hygienic changing mat for using in wet changing rooms or when changing outdoors. The Dry Mat has been engineered with dual layer construction which has a micro-fibre ‘super absorbent’ top for standing on to dry your feet and a non-slip natural rubber

Exciting times for Amphibia Sport! Our original XBag is selling really well and being exported to 5 countries but we have also just launched new innovative products to the market. Our Evo Bag was launched recently and has gone down a storm with swimmers, gymers etc, its so handy – the perfect size for sport

Amphibia New Products

Tuesday, 26 June 2012 by

The new X2Bag has arrived! With all the features of the original bag but with lots added – new torso and carry straps, extra padding, new lightweight materials, along with a new sporty design make for a really improved bag at the same price! We are also delighted to launch out multi-functionals scarf to the

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