Go Grab Your Swimming Bags!

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There is no doubt that sport is very important for the well being of human beings. It helps keep us healthy, sane, positive, energetic, increases our life expectancy to name a few. So sport is good no doubt about it, as long as you avoid injury, illness, under-training, over-training, accidents etc……. but anyway I digress – SPORT IS GOOD!  So what is the best sport to take part in? In terms of participation levels if we exclude walking and fishing (because we can) then swimming is normally the most popular sport participated in by adults.  But look at us – we certainly aren’t naturally built for swimming and many would argue we just don’t belong in there! So let’s look at the arguments:

Swimming Positives


Swimming Negatives

  • You stink – from chlorine, salt water or whatever else you choose to immerse yourself in. Your gear and your swimming bags probably stink as well!
  • It’s awkward – the water feels cold (for ½ second) when you get in and you feel like a dork walking about half naked in spandex.
  • Changing rooms or even worse changing in the outdoors for open water swimming… is just a pain and exactly the reason why we launched our Dry Mat to help with the hassle & hygiene


So it’s not all good, but it is mostly! You don’t have to be a champion swimmer – like our sponsored athlete Andy – to take part, you can doggy-paddle away to your hearts content, mindful that you are doing your body and mind good. Yes it’s a little awkward with wet gear but that’s exactly why we created the Evo Bag – the perfect swim bags with a waterproof pocket!  Or if you like backpacks there’s our brand new Amphibia backpack also with a waterproof pouch.  Anyway shameless self promotion aside we love swimming here at Amphibia and whilst we don’t get going nearly as often as we would like, it’s always a great buzz during and afterwards and is one of the few sports you can realistically hope to keep packing those swim bags well into the twilight of your life! So what are you waiting for – GO SWIMMING!

Go Get Your Swim Bags!

Go Get Your Swim Bags!

Our New Backpack

Our New Backpack

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