Ironman UK getting closer

by / Wednesday, 06 July 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

Hard to believe there are less than 4 weeks until Ironman UK in Bolton. the past 6 months and the 20 week training plan have flown by and im delighted to say i’m on track… i think! Its always hard to know for sure and who knows what the day will throw at every competitor, but im confident i can complete the distance. Ive lost 1/2 stone which is great, but ive been eating loads to try and prevent losing any more. Its going to be hard adjusting back to normal eating during taper and particularly after the race. Ive been fortunate enough to avoid injury, although ironically today for the 1st time i feel a slight tweak in my knee. Thankfully its a recovery week so i will rest plenty, ice and take a few anti-inflamatories, hopefully it wont become more serious. I have no doubt that rigorous stretching and some yoga/pilates training has helped me avoid anything more serious.

Swim: My weakest discipline and thus many would say the most important. Ive had a few lessons and im going to concentrate much more on swimming technique in open water over the next few weeks. Ive bought a new wetsuit as the old one had more holes than a net and whilst im confident i will be able to finish the swim element, i want to try and improve my time/techinque.

Cycle: Ive been putting in serious miles over the past few weeks and now long cycles have lost their fear factor. A set of aero bars has helped ease some discomfort in my lower back from being in one position for so long and ive got used to long periods with no music/other stimulation and without people beside me.

Running: My strongest discipline and probably what ive put the least time into. Ive done a few marathons but obviously the main worry is coming after such a long bike ride. My last endurance session of 100mile bike and 15 mile run gave me a lot of confidence however, and it was even refreshing getting off the bike and being able to run for a change!

Nutrition: Many would say the 5th discipline, after transition technique, but in Ironman it becomes even more important as your body can literally break-down after so much exercise. Ive got used to loading up during the “rolling restaurant” bike in preparation for the run and i have a good variation of drinks, bars, gels and tablets.

Racing: Ive cut down the amount of races to concentrate on training, but I did my local sprint tri and a 1/2 Ironman, achieving PB’s in both and using them as yardsticks for my preparation. Racing can eat into valuable preparation time so ive had to keep my eye on the prize. Last weekend i did the full distances across the weekend – swim Friday, cycle&run saturday and finish run Sunday… this was great practice and gave me some idea whats ahead of me and times i can aim for.

The training has been an amazing experience and certainly not to be taken lightly. Between the training plan and pushing business for Amphibia Sport, its been a hectic 6 months and im looking forward to some relative normality in August. Hopefully all goes according to plan on the day, if it doesnt i’ll have to take it as it comes, do my best and try to finish, whatever that takes… but remember its not always about the destination, but sometimes about the beautiful journey you’ve had to get there and the many things youve learnt about yourself and your body. Roll on Bolton 31st July 🙂

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