New Amphibia Dry Mat going down a storm!!

by / Thursday, 28 June 2012 / Published in Uncategorized

The ‘Dry Mat’ is yet another unique product from Amphibia Sport – an hygienic changing mat for using in wet changing rooms or when changing outdoors. The Dry Mat has been engineered with dual layer construction which has a micro-fibre ‘super absorbent’ top for standing on to dry your feet and a non-slip natural rubber bottom. The Dry Mat is easily washed in the washing machine or handwashed and is also quick dry. Its light and convenient so can be easily rolled-up to store in your bag and is more hygienic than putting your towel on the ground. The Dry Mat is available in a variety of colours to suit every taste: Red, Navy, Orange, Pink and Blue.

Loads of different types of people are buying the dry mats – from triathletes in transition, to surfers on the beach, hikers and a whole range of people changing in wet changing rooms, gyms, swimming pools etc. Dont put your towel down, you never know what it will pick up! The mat is the perfect size to stand on but doesnt take up loads of space in your bag.

Price is €18 / £15 availble through our online shop and sports stores nationwide. Once you use one you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

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