Pritchard – Double Ironman – 8 Weeks To Go!

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Firstly, i’ve got my licence back and i’m finally behind the wheel again. Some will say “oh god help us” but I’m over the moon as i can now drive to the pool at a time that suits me to train plus i can drive to Pen-y-Fan mountain again as i love running up and down the thing.


Training was going well then i went on holiday to Santorini Greece with my girlfriend and even if i’m on holiday i still like to get some kinda training in as i hate missing a whole week of training for obvious reasons. I love training anyway even if its for a specific event or not as it fills my body and mind with positivity and to top it off you cant beat waking up early in a hot country as the sun rises and your running towards the bugger with a smile on your face. That’s exactly what i did on the very first morning and loved it. The only bad thing about the run was i could feel a little niggle in my left knee. As the day wore on my knee became sore but i didn’t think much about it so i carried on as usual, then by the end of the week it got worse. I came home and did one little run followed by a 8 miler and i then knew my knee was f***ed. I was proper gutted as i’ve got all this way injury free and then this happens 2 months away from the Double Brutal. I’ve stopped running and now just concentrating on my cycling and swimming as my knee allows me to do both without any problems.


My mate gave me a sports massage and he said it looks like it could be my IT band. The last time i had problems with my IT band was when i ran John O’Groats to Lands End about 5 years ago due to the sheer amount of running i was doing so it made perfect sense as looking back the pain felt the same. I sorted that pain out with a foam roller last time and it worked a treat so i’ve been rolling my IT band and doing yoga morning and night. I’ve been told to buy new trainers to so went to MOTI (running shop in cardiff) and they always film your running style so they can find the perfect trainers to suit you and your running style. The last time i visited was 10 months ago and i was running with my heels falling inwards a lot but this time i now have a neural running style which is much better. I think all the training, yoga and core work has helped a lot which is great news. Fingers crossed and I’m pretty confident that if i keep looking after it i’ll be good to go before i know it


Yoga really is the dogs bo***ks, when you tell people that you do yoga especially for blokes a lot of them laugh but trust me it really is amazing. I started going to classes with my mate but then due to not being able to be there every week due to being busy i’ve found typing it into Youtube and its all there for you to do at home. It’s made me more supple, i’m not as stiff anymore, loosens me up after a big swim, cycle or run and most of all helps me sleep and rest much better. Give it a go you’ll be pleased you did.


Next week i’m off on a cycling mission to Dublin as part of my training and i’m really looking forward to it. Cardiff to Dublin is 210 miles and that’s cycling from Cardiff to Fishguard then jumping on the ferry to Rosslare and then hugging the east coast of Ireland and all the way up to Dublin. Considering the double brutal cycle is 232 miles it’ll be a great insight into what i’ve got coming up on September 19th. To top it off i’ve wanted to cycle to Dublin for a very long time so it’ll be another adventure ticked off my bucket list.

Preparation for Brutal Triathlon

Preparation for Brutal Triathlon

Big up to Adrian from Amphibia Sport and Claire from Brutal events for sponsoring this mission to the Double Brutal. Please check out and make a brutal event one of your challenges/missions. Nothings impossible………………ave it!!!!!


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