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Amphibia Products

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Tri Suit

2019 Pro Tri Suit *Limited Edition Run*

$ 126.69$ 172.20

Gift Pack – 1 Bag & 3 Accessories

Big Discount gift pack with 1 bag and 3 accessories, the perfect gift for someone or just treat yourself!

$ 135.30

Deal of the Month: Gear Pack

Our super multi-sports pack with 25% savings! Great for racing and training.


$ 110.70$ 147.60

Swim Pack

20% off the price of 3 most useful swim & gym items – evo bag, dry towel & dry mat


$ 78.72$ 98.40

Backpack Xtra

Sports Backpack Xtra with standard features & integrated luminous rain cover for increased visibility

$ 73.80

Amphibia Backpack

Sports backpack with fully waterproof pouch, loads of inner sections & pockets for your gear and the option to compress or expand the size of bag.

$ 61.50

Gear Bag Pro

The perfect gear bag to segregate all of your gear for racing or training.

$ 61.50

Changing Robe

Versatile changing robe for outdoor sports and watersports, in navy with 3 sizes

$ 49.20$ 55.35

Amphibia Evo Bag

The perfect training bag, ideal size for all your gear with a fully waterproof pocket.


$ 55.35

Transition Bag

Transition Bag – 100% waterproof bag with changing mat, ideal for triathlon, swimming and watersports

$ 49.20