Dry Towel

The microfibre sports towel for active people – super soft, ultra absorbent & quick dry.


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Our premium sports towel offers a variety of benefits over normal household or sports towels:

  • Super soft microfibre material
  • Ultra absorbent – over 3 times more absorbent than normal towels
  • Quick drying and anti-bacterial – just hang dry and reuse
  • Less bulky – take up a fraction of the space in bags, cupboards and the washing machine
  • Available in green, blue or pink, standard or large sizes


How Does it Work?

Microfibre towels have much smaller fibers than basic towels so they are able to absorb a much greater quantity of water.  Not only are they great for absorption an addition they also let go of the water at a much quicker rate so the towels dry quicker and don’t smell so can be used numerous times. Just hang them up for a short time to dry and then reuse. This is why microfibre towels are the perfect sports towel and swimming towel. I explain how the science works in more detail here.


Dry Towels are a lot more functional than normal bulky towels which absorb little water and smell bad after a short time. Great for active people on the go and athletes that need to reuse the towel. Therefore they are ideal as: gym towels and swim towels (small and handy); spinning and classes (soak up more sweat) and a range of other activities.  You can also use them as a travel towel – they will take up a fraction of the space in your bag and can be reused numerous times without washing. The perfect towel for active people, more functional, hygienic and also better for the environment!

Our Dry Towel comes in 2 sizes – standard for maximum utility, and large for those that like a little more comfort and convenience.

Product Details:

Standard – Size 50cm x 80cm x 0.5cm; Weight 80gr

Large – Size 75cm x 130cm x 0.5cm; Weight 200gr

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