Gear Bag Pro

The perfect gear bag to segregate all of your gear for racing or training.

£ 43.00


The perfect cycling bag and ideal for a range of other sports, so it fits in all the gear you really need. Created based on the needs of professional cycling teams and which features they really needed in their bags.

The New Gear Bag Pro’s features include:

  • Roll out mesh pouch for carrying bulky equipment such as helmets
  • Separate ‘shoe pocket’ underneath to keep dirty /wet gear away from dry gear.
  • Large compartment for your main gear.
  • 4 mesh pockets for your accessories.
  • 2 large mesh sections in fold-out lid for other lesser-used items.
  • Side pocket to segregate gear / nutrition.
  • Water resistant materials and large quick-use zips.
  • Doesn’t waste space when not being used, the Gear Bag is almost fully collapsible.

The Gear Bag Pro is also the perfect size for sport, fits in all your gear and also fits easily in lockers. It segregates all your gear so you know exactly where everything is. Therefore its the perfect cycling bag or for triathlon, watersports, running and gym. Easy organisation of your gear and accessories, segregated with loads of pockets and extra features. Professional cycling teams from the UK, Ireland and further afield need smart organisation for the gear and the Gear Bag Pro delivers this.  We took all the features they need and added a few extra innovations to create the perfect Cycling Bag.

Happily lots of other sports also require similar features in their Gear Bags so the bag is perfect for a wide range of sports and athletes. Don’t lug about a bigger bag and more gear than you need, its just a waste of energy! Take what you need and then focus on the race.


Shipped worldwide within 24hrs our bags can be returned within 14 days if you are unsatisfied… but you wont be!

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 22 cm

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