Rain Cover

Waterproof backpack rain cover in luminous yellow colour with reflective logo for improved visibility

$ 18.45


Our backpack rain cover is perfect for bicycle commuters, hikers, walkers and runners. Great for athletes, leisure enthusiasts and travellers.

Why would you need a backpack cover or rucksack cover?

  • It weatherproofs your bag so you dont have to worry about rain, snow, hail etc
  • Our rain cover comes in luminous yellow so is great for dark evenings or bad weather
  • With a reflective logo our waterproof backpack cover improves your visibility to traffic
  • Its detachable and comes with its own pocket so you can use and hide as required

Whilst our backpack cover doesnt render your backpack 100% immersion waterproof, essentially for the purposes of rain its the perfect weatherproof waterproof backpack cover and rucksack cover. Made from 210D polyester with PU coating it keeps your backpack and everything inside protected from the elements.

Measuring 56cm x 40cm its perfect for small and medium sized backpacks.  With an elasticated seam it fits a wide variety of backpacks and rucksacks and can stretch to 70cm x 50cm. A very versatile and effective bag rain cover.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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