Triathlon Cycling Running Exhibition

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Amphibia take-homes from the TCR 2011 Exhibition in London – lot of common sense stuff but always nice to get a reminder from the pros!

Most important muscle in your body is your brain – be positive and you will achieve!
Write down all your aims and goals. Much more chance of you achieving them and will motivate you when you look back. Look at them like stepping stones to your event. Also use a training log and diary, this will allow you to see trends, weaknesses etc.

Build up your training over 3 weeks, then on week 4 bring it back down and concentrate on recovery.
Nutrition is just as important as the 3 disciplines. Use in training what you will in a race. Post race can be very important if you are doing long distances. Refuel within ½hr of getting home and the body will direct it exactly where it needs it most. Experiment to find what works for you. Consume early and sip.

Build in Pilates/yoga into your training schedule throughout the year – not just off-season.
Don’t ‘junk train’ just putting in miles for the sake of it – build up a strategic plan to achieve your goals.

Minimum swims you want to be doing per week is 3 to have any impact, so aim for 4. Swimming is all about body position.
The more frequency you can get the better the results. Way more of an impact than increasing duration of swims.

Work on lengthening your reach – aim for less than 80 strokes per 100mtrs.
Fine to use ‘toys’ (fins, hand paddles etc) but no more than 20% of the time.
Kick properly from your hips and glutes.

Stroke – don’t worry too much about what happens above the water… get a nice catch on the water, point your fingers diagonally, create a lever with your elbow and continue stroke as if you had a barrel under your arm. Arm continues straight towards the back of the pool.
Possibly in open water swims – breathe every 2d stroke as you’ll need the Oxygen! This works better for 95% of people.

Sighting – little and often, possibly every 3 or 4 strokes to keep yourself on direction.
Triathlon swim – don’t start too quickly, pace yourself and build up speed during the race. Stay out of the ‘dishwasher’ in the middle, stay to the sides and conserve energy.
Do in training exactly what you’ll do in a race, then it will come naturally.
Dont just work on front crawl, build in breaststroke and even backstroke into your training. Will help build muscles and mean you can deal with anything in a race.

Consistency is key in training – repetitiveness & go for increased frequency over longer duration. Develop your training intensity progressively.

Rest is very important. Recovery is just as important as training. If you are injured give yourself time to recovery or you will make it more serious and be out for even longer. Look at other fitness options – aqua jogging etc.

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