Under 100 days until Double Ironman

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Preparation for Slateman Triathlon

Preparation for Slateman Triathlon

Hello all, just catching up where i left on my last blog for my up and coming double Brutal Ironman distance triathlon attempt. I only realised the other day how close the challenge actually is!  I met up with my coach Mark Whittle and he’s basically told me that distances and sessions are going to be upped from now on and i’m looking forward to the next step in training.

I had a good 14 days away from training due to being on the Gumball rally so the last week or so i’ve been playing catch up to get back to where i was and to be honest with you it’s been tough. The thing is when i go on the Gumball i cant help but go “all out” and this year because i’m banned from driving (accumulation of speeding points) i took partying to another level. 14 days of constant drinking was great fun but training wise it really took it outta my body and i had to go cold turkey for a bit. Anyway, i’m back and feeling good again. The only thing standing in the way of training at the mo is my weekly Personal Appearances in Mallorca but i’ve worked around it so all is good.


My brother in law Ronan Dunne came to visit for a weekend of cycling. Ronan’s been cycling for over 25 years and he knows it inside out so i knew i was gonna be playing catch up and i wasn’t far wrong. The weather was shit but we went out anyway and headed west down the A48 and as we came to the first climb Ronan was off whilst i was blowing a gale from my lungs haha. We kept riding all the way to Porthcawl and turned back and was welcomed with a lovely headwind…great. 35 miles to get home with a full on head wind and a good 75 mile ride in the bag. I polished off 2 bags of Jersey royal potatoes and i polished off my body too and slept well that night only to wake up for a 25 miler on the Sunday to shake off that lactic acid. All in all a great weekend of cycling and training in the bag. 


The weekend of May 16th-17th is Slateman Tri weekend in Snowdonia. I was really looking forward to this event for many reasons, it’s based in the same location as The double brutal, my sponsor Adrian from Amphibia was in attendance participating and sponsoring the race, and i felt in good shape ready to race plus the course looking banging. Race day and we were told the swim distance has been cut to 500 meters due to the water being too cold. I did hear a lot of people going on about it the night before at the pub but surely it cant be that cold???? trust me it was F**king freezing. Bobbing around and treading water before the gun went felt like forever, all of us puffing and panting because of the cold. I was lucky to have dream team tv following me on my Slateman journey for channel 4 and they were waiting for me at transition. I jumped on my bike and started the big climb to the top of the mountain, its a monster of a climb and perfect really for warming up after that cold swim. The Snowdonia scenery is mind blowing and i was loving every min of it. Then the run was again breathtaking due to the slate mine climb to the top and the views from all round. I came running through the woods down towards the finish line and finished in 3.46. A great event and great training for my Brutal attempt .


i have a 250 mile bike ride planned with my brother Trigg next month which will be great and i’m really looking forward to it. we haven’t planned where were riding to yet but it looks like it may be London and back so keep an eye out on twitter. Thats it for now, see you for the next blog.




1,000's of lengths preparation for 7.8km swm

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